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The experience of the conference from a different perspective Wednesday, May 16, 2018

PHP Serbia Conference has one distinguishable feature - every year brings some innovation.

Last year we introduced second track, which proved to be very successful and important for the growth of our conference. Being innovative every year is not an easy task, and in order to provide the attendees with better comfort, we were figuring out what we can improve, for them to feel even more relaxed and in a good mood...

Behold - Middleware Track!

As it name suggests, it exists between the two other tracks, at venue’s first floor as part of our user group (“PHP Srbija”) booth, the floor where sponsors’ booths will be located, and where drinks and food will be served. Equipped with two 65’’ 4k TV screens, full HD camera, wireless headphones, lazy bags, it promises a completely different and unique experience!

Keynotes will be delivered loud and clear, with professional hosts to bring additional entertainment to the whole spectacle, while regular talks will be broadcasted simultaneously with the sound evenly distributed via headphones.

You do not feel comfortable sitting all day long in regular track chairs? Grab your favorite drink, relax in a lazy bag on the Middleware Track and follow live broadcast of talks from both tracks!

You have a dilemma about the talks you would like to attend? No problem, come to the Middleware Track where you can easily switch between talks just by changing headphones!

Middleware Track - experience the conference from a different angle!


P.S. Only only 57 regular tickets left -
P.P.S. Only 17 workshop slots left -

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