PHPSerbia Tickets

Workshops are scheduled for Friday, May 25th. Location is Tulip INN hotel (close to conference venue). Both workshops will happen in parallel (full day, 8h).  Attendees will have all detailed information in the email.

CQRS and Event Sourcing are challenging if approached for the first time, and especially if done from scratch. This tutorial day will lead give you a basic understanding of what CQRS and ES are, including their complexities, advantages and pitfalls.

We will help you modelling, designing and implementing an application relying on these architectural patterns, guiding you through:

  • Domain analysis
  • Involved architectural components
  • Data flow
  • Synchronous / Asynchronous dispatching
  • Implementing domain logic with aggregates
  • Projections
  • Scaling
  • Testing

Requirements for participants:
Must be able to run a composer install against this repo from a laptop to be brought at the workshop. This means that PHP 7.1 and PDO and PDO-SQLite should be pre-installed.

An editor for SQLite files is also needed. PHPStorm has a bundled version, otherwise, this should work.

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