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Our new Bronze sponsor is Content Insights Saturday, May 19, 2018

Content Insights is a well-funded startup, developing next generation web analytics services for evaluating content performance.

We are on a mission of helping online publishers and content creators make sense of ever growing amount of data and how to truly understand their audience without becoming data analysts.

We help them understand how to increase revenues without resorting to clickbait, how to grow without yielding to fake news.

Our system collects and process billions of events generated by millions of users during their interaction with the content published by our clients on their websites, mobile apps and social media. We do the hard work of making connections and putting different metrics in context, noticing patterns and deriving meaningful insights in order to make our clients’ decision-making process easier.

Data pipelines, queues, crawlers and mining are some of the gears we utilize to power our cloud-based analytics solution.

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